Top Ten Places for Inspiration in Praha

my best friend has been studying abroad in prague this past semester. i wish i could have been there & i’m so insanely jealous but someday i’m going to go back there with her.


  1. Charles Park: Located right down the street from my apartment on Odboru, I find myself there on a sunny day. First I search for the right bench that’s located directly in the sunlight. I usually have intentions to have a peaceful read but I always end up getting distracted and start to people watch. After I spend a good 20 minutes watching the different people in the park I’ll just lie in the sun but try not to fall asleep. 
  2. On the Charles River at sunset: Pretty much anywhere on the Charles River when the sun is setting is gorgeous. Almost every Tuesday lately I find myself going to class a half an hour early so I stroll across the street from FAMU to sit on a bench and watch the sky paint itself in front of me. I’ll bring my notebook and makes notes of the people walking by or the birds in the water. I need those 30 minutes the most especially before my Visual Theory class every Tuesday.
  3. Old Town at Night: Walking around Old Town at night is like entering a whole different world. It’s hard not to be inspired when everywhere you go there’s something beautiful to look at. I think it’s the lighting that makes everything seem almost magical and romantic. Either way, I fall more in love with Prague when I see it lit with street lamps.
  4. My Apartment around 4-5:00PM: The window in our living room lets so much sunlight in throughout the day, but a couple hours before it sets my entire living room is illuminated. I’ve spent a lot of time just sitting in the sun and taking pictures, I love it.
  5. Cafe Louvre: Frequently visited and loved by Albert Einstein and Franz Kafka, this cafe has the right atmosphere to help for all kinds of inspiration flow. 
  6. Letna Park: It’s great to see Prague from such a high perspective. Also, to just walk around the trails and sit on the grass on a warm April day is great. I could just sit on a blanket with a notebook, pen, and glass of wine and let my thoughts flow. 
  7. Petrin Park: As difficult it is to get to the top, it’s well worth the physical exercise. What a peaceful and quite place to just sit and take in everything around you. And if you’re brave enough, climb the petrin tower because everyone should see Praha in that light.
  8. Botanical Garden: This is just a great place to enjoy some nature. 
  9. On top of the Dancing House: Happy Hour at the restaurant in the Dancing House is the place to be on a Friday. Just buy a glass of wine from the bar and take the elevator all the way to the top. Standing on the roof of that building around the time the sun sets is serene at best.
  10. Lehka Hlava (Clear Head): This has to be my favorite restaurant in Prague. Being a vegetarian, it’s pretty difficult walking into any restaurant and finding maybe one vegetarian option. Clear Head is a Vegetarian restaurant with so many options. I love to just go there for lunch and eat my lentil soup and storyboard some shots in my film.